I always knew love better when it was damaged

by yokomolotov


these little angry blossoms only open


because you proclaim what you’ve done

like you deserve a reward.

it sours the dinner

and it spills my guts through my nostrils.


yeah I know, I know, I know

take our time, we should take out time

in those haunted gardens

behind dive bars

with sour drinks in hand

the bruises we made on each other

fading from black to yellow


yeah we should definitely take out time


letting the doubts shrink

like plastic to a flame


didn’t some old Yankee say once

that the beauty of deceit

begs to be exposed to the light of day?


I’d keep this little thing secret,

a favorite button, a cat’s eye

in my pocket to rub to remember


I only keep whistling the same damn tune

because it’s still stuck in my head, okay?

I was just hoping

someone was still willing to play games-


and run blindly in

traffic with me.