smother the one you love

by yokomolotov

I lay my love on the string of kite

I admire the thing

as it glides stories high

but detest the burden carrying it


saw you in my dream again

it was as much you as a watered down

pigment of your skin

I dare slit a pallet to paint you

to make the horrors real


too dense to be sunshine


I’d love to be your dark cloud

anchored to your finger with twine


smother the one you love- a slogan I recite

lay only with me

having doubts snuffed into washed out color

a jungle cat full of kill

no desire to hunt

only to smother


one last thing

hold me tight like a found doll you lost

that had been flattened in the road

many times

I lost my button eyes but now


can see who I really am