those ancient men and ancient women

by yokomolotov

see a face like a moon

in the morning


those ancient men and women

musta worshiped

its bald pale face

but they all died

and left their remains

for college graduates to find

for their thesis to write

but their sloping sockets

told something and

held something too

there’s was a delicate thing

like the bones of a bird

buried deep in the soils of unrest

and my tools

are unwieldy and I’m far too


for this line of work

so I busted the fossil

and forgot all of my dreams

from last night

look, this is me trying not

to be an animal

this is me

putting human pants

on my animal ass

this is me not giving up or

losing it

or getting lost in rib cage land

on the backs of k-pins

they said

those ancient men and women

were assimilated

that our species

ate their species

what wild wild times

I wonder if I

was from their tribe