The Black Sail Part 1

by yokomolotov

The Black Sail Part 1



a Black Flight of

swollen tonsil

busy convincin’

the demon to leave

the throat

failing of the

Black Halo



the world of hot neon lines

pickin’ up

Discardin’ the ones I don’t


weaving a poem with Black Hands

a nest

someone has opened The Black Sail

and spilled the dye

The sky a closed mouth

Black Damp


lungs heavy to hang

found sorrow in short hand

some sad Morse code

bury the Black Book and the Black Box

place all my words

down with me in the final Black Room


an itch that’s made

it’s home so deep

a fungal sternum cut and a

cough, a metronome

shrinking from the SHOUT of the Black Sail

started on the rim of madness


Like third kingdom’s gills

sail Flight and Halo

All Black as shadow laid

To defeat

Two days at White Sea

Let my words

Let ‘em shine